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Merry Christmas
Welcome to Santa Claus - KC! Established in 2008, we believe that no child should go without a gift at Christmas. We think that Santa Claus makes his deliveries to all boys and girls who believe in the man in the red, fur-trimmed suit and our lofty goal is to help Santa Claus make Christmas a magical time for all children.

A Visit from Santa Claus"Dear Santa, I hope you aren't sick again this year." is the beginning of a letter written by a child to Santa Claus several years ago. That one sentence is heartbreaking, yet inspirational as well. Those words inspire us to work toward making sure those kinds of letters never again have to be written by an innocent child to Santa Claus.

We hope that you will be inspired to get involved whether as an individual, with your family, a club or civic organization, through a group of your co-workers, or your church groups and join us in 2014.

We will work with groups and organizations that can help us pinpoint children -- along with their siblings that require Santa's special help each Christmas season. We hope that you can join us in this worthwhile endeavor and that you will read more about what we do on our Web site and then join us and rediscover the real meaning of Christmas!

Santa Claus KC 2014